Post-Pre-GT Report

So the Pre-GT event was this past Saturday (27th October) and I had 8 people making there way across various parts of the country to make it. At the start of the day Shane Tarbuck was the only Warlords player represented, but after I had 1 drop out an hour before the event I stepped in to make it even numbers so the show could go on!

Being a Pre-GT I took several strategies out of the GT pack which was put together by Neverata (the GT is taking place this weekend coming) in order to let people try out crew selections, schemes and general tactics before hitting the GT. Also within those 8 players were several players of internet fame and i’m sure some people will recognise a few of them. We had:

  •  Jacob Graham (Me) / Neverborn
  • Shane Tarbuck / Arcanists
  • Aiden Kirk / Neverborn
  • Craig Johnson / Ten Thunders
  • Jimmy Balderstone / Ten Thunders
  • Luke Cocksedge / Outcasts
  • Dom Westerland / Outcasts
  • Jack Evans / Neverborn

A good spread, but no Resurrectionists or Guild players which was a shame. I was running Neverborn, but used Jakob Lynch exclusively across the day.

Shared Treasure Hunt, 30ss

The first strategy of the day, and using the new version of the rules created for the GT. It basically meant that insignificant models can’t pick up the treasure, you get 1vp for picking it up at some point and you can’t pick it up first turn. Stops the first turn, first activation grab and drag back to the deployment zone. Overall feeling from everyone was it was a huge improvement over the one in the rulebook so thats good.


I played Jimmy and was victorious against the new Mei Feng crew thanks to a bit of luck making things run away from the Hungering Darkness. (Also a bit of revenge for when he beat me at the last Malifaux tournament : D). This round saw the first of many huge victories by Aiden Kirk, this time over Shane who went from table 1 to table 4.

Craig using Jakob Lynch, beat Jack Evans (who recently won the Battle for Titans Creek event in Lichfield with his Colette crew) using Pandora by a huge 7-1 margin. This sent Jack down to the bottom table vs Shane for the next round. Dom and Luke ended with a draw which meant by chance i’d play Dom since I was up in the top table at this point in 3rd place.



Shared Slaughter, 35ss

Since Dom is known for his use of Gremlins, I was hopign the little green fellas turned up. Alas, it was the Viks and Von Schill. A crew a bit more choppy than mine. I ended up going down 6-0 in a big loss, failing to get any of my schemes. Shane, using Kearis, went down 6-2 to Jack in this round in a tough match vs the Neverborn.

Aiden cemented his position in first place, by using Pandora against Craig’s Jakob Lynch crew and winning 6-1. Sitting on the top table, where he stayed all day (he ought to have bought his own arm chair and made himself comfortable) and Luke beat Jimmy using Leviticus against Misaki from what I remember. I did hear Shang (Misaki’s totem!) killed the Dead Rider by triggering Flay and hitting his huge sever damage.



Shared Reconnoiter, 35ss

Slipping down the tables now, I face Jack on table 3. I caused a lot of disruption, but I took the ‘Read em and…’ Scheme for Jakob, which turned out to be a huge mistake. Holding on to 1,3,4,5,7 in my hand for 3 turns really hurt my crew, and in the end I lost big. Jimmy got his first win of the event against Shane (4-0) who isn’t having the best of luck.

Aiden once again smashes his opponent, this time Dom, 8-0 to remain top and very strong contender for first place. In fact, at this point his VP difference is so good, he can’t not finish first. Luke beat Craig 5-4, but there was a 5 minute discussion on the wording of Breakthrough which could have tipped the game in Craig’s favour. The obvious gap in the clarity of the book is something which needs to be sorted out. This is a minor event, but if it happens in the GT it’ll make more of a difference.



Shared Claim Jump, 40ss

Bottom table, Warlords clash of me vs Shane. I had this game in the bag until the final turn when Joss managed to run right up to Jakob Lynch and after reactivating himself he smashed him for 6 and denied me Bodyguard whilst getting his Assassination. No-one was close enough to the Claim marker so I lost 4-2.

Aiden further cemented his 1st place by beating Luke 8-0, and Jack beat Dom 6-1 to put himself on the podium after a bad first game. Craig beat Jimmy 8-0, but it wasn’t quite enough to give him a top 3 finish.



Final Standings

1st Place – Aiden Kirk

2nd Place – Jack Evans

3rd Place – Luke Cocksedge

4th Place – Craig Johnson

5th Place – Dom Westerland

6th Place – Jimmy Balderstone

7th Place – Jacob Graham

8th Place – Shane Tarbuck


Final Thoughts

I enjoyed the event, and everyone else seemed to have a good time as well. It was good to see some of the new crew represented and new ideas being tested.


I would have liked a bigger turnout for the event, but September/October/November are busy months for Malifaux with a tournament on almost every weekend it seems. But still it was good, with no-one playing someone twice.

As for the Warlords attendees, well, what can i say? Shane and I ended up in a bottom table scrap  playing for pride, i think a great deal of improvement is needed to drag us towards the lofty heights of tables 1 and 2. I tasted success briefly and it was nice, but i was soon slammed back down to earth after some tough games vs Pandora/Viktorias/Kaeris.

I also have another event coming up in just under 3 weeks, that it more relaxed and more aimed at everyone from beginner to experience players. Also Avatar Hoffman as sculpted by Keith isn’t a bad prize either.


Jacob Graham (Vice-President and soon to be Supreme Overlord)


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