Episode 3: Welsh Masters, Round Two

Welcome to the third episode in our Perfect Game series and the second round of the Welsh Masters!

This time we are joined by Jacob and James from the Warlords of Walsall club as well as a very special guest of Murder of Crows fame and previous Welsh Masters winner, Richard Beech!

As you can tell from the matchup he is playing in this round and kindly offered to commentate over his own game to lend us insight into the matchup and his list. Hopefully you all enjoy it!


Theme: Winter Guard Kommand
– Juggernaut
– Juggernaut
– Marauder
– Marauder
– Marauder
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich
Winter Guard Rifle Corps (Min)
– Winter Guard Rocketeer x3
Winter Guard Rifle Corps (Min)
– Winter Guard Rocketeer x3
Winter Guard Infantry (Min)
– Winter Guard Rocketeer x3
– Officer and Standard
Winter Guard Field Gun
Winter Guard Mortar Crew

Theme: Band of Heroes
– Pyre Troll
– Troll Bouncer
– Troll Impaler
Fell Caller Hero
Trollkin Champion Hero
Stone Scribe Chronicler
Fennblade Kithkar
Fennblade Kithkar
Trollkin Warders (Min)
Trollkin Champions (Max)
– Skaldi Bonehammer
Trollkin Champions (Min)
Trollkin Fennblades (Max)
– Fennblade Officer and Drummer

If you want you can also watch the game in real time on our channel here: https://youtu.be/tQy_kcDR1N4

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