Local Tournament June 2017

So I went to a local tournament a week ago. It was just a little three round event. Thought I’d do a quick write up though as some interesting things happened.
My lists are:

Doomy3 (Power of Dhunia)
– Mountain King
– Mulg
– Earthborn
– Axer
– Storm Troll
Max Stone + UA

Grissel 2 (Band of Heroes)
– Bomber
– Storm
– Bouncer
Min Stone + UA
Max Fennblades + UA
Min Warders
Min Warders
Min Champions
Min Champions
Fell Caller hero

Round 1 Vs Chris Claire
Grissel2 vs Helynna (Entrenched)

His other list is Rahn with a Helios and I doubt he wants to risk dropping that into my Doomy3 list so I expect this Helynna list and it has double Sentinels, which is kind of horrible. I go with Grissel, because it’s much better at clearing infantry. I win the dice roll and decide to go first without even looking at the table and my opponent chooses a side that means Helynna can sit behind a forest scoring her zone without ever being in Line of Sight of Grissel2, oh no!

So I know I have to play an attrition game now. We both run up first turn and he lay covering fire down to pin down my Fennblades. We measure and my Bouncer is within 15 inches of an entire unit of sentinals so I cast discord on him and run him to engage. I also shoot the knockdown gun at one of his central Manticores, the AoE catches the Manticore next to it as well. I follow up with two Bomber shots, but as he has deflection up the damage is mediocre. The blast does kill an Arcanist though. On the other side, near his zone, I move the Fennblades and offer to let him kill one if he wants to trigger vengeance. This second unit of Sentinels is struggling with the forest Helynna is hiding behind as they only gain pathfinder on the charge so as long as there is 3 inches of forest between us they are severely limited in how far they can move. They are backed up by Warders and Champions who are lining up to attack his objective next turn.

He looks at my caster camping one and decides he can get both Manticores on her if he lands a gun shot. He reckons with his gunshot and Hand of Destruction he has a good assassination with 2 charging Manticores, so he forces to stand them both up at the start of his turn. He moves Helynna up around the forest and lands the Hand of Destruction through his Arc-node. He fires the shot with the push effect and I shield guard it on to one of the warders next to Grissel. Chris is pretty annoying with himself that he didn’t ask about shield guards, but quickly recovers and goes into full on defensive mode. He feats for the armour, but knows that 12 inches from Grissel2 and a bomber on 1 focus is a death sentence unless he gets his defence exactly right. He runs the arcnode to engage Grissel and runs one of the Manticores to engage the Bomber. He also blocks line of sight with the second Manticore, the forest and most importantly a solid line behind them of Mini Feated Sentinels and a Sentinal Scyir behind the Manticore in base to base. His Sentinal unit manages about half of the Bouncer’s health as they can’t charge.

I contemplate the assassination for a while, but with the job he’s done of jamming and the line of models with high armour and no knockdown it’s not really an option. He hasn’t contested my zone though so my plan is to score two this turn by dominating my zone and killing his objective. The Bouncer takes no attacks as his job is to tarpit the Sentinels and giving them vengeance actually makes that job harder. The Bomber throws the jamming Manticore away as I want it to stop engaging Grissel. I didn’t really want to have to deal with it as it was under feat and this list caps out at Pow 16. Grissel decides to throw out three Cacophony shots at the Sentinels that are engaged by the Bouncer and they create a nice little line to hopefully dissuade the Sentinels from contesting on his next turn. I feat, but get distracted and end up camping four focus which is way too much considering how safe I am. The Storm troll goes in on the Jamming arcnode and boosts the hit looking for crit disruption, which he gets. I decide it’s not worth attacking any sentinals and jam them a little with 2 in the forest, 2 more attack his objective and the 3 warders finish it off. I go to 2 Control points.

His sentinals spend another turn tied up by the bouncer, he roles poorly and they leave it on 3 boxes. He sends a manticore in on the bomber but the extra armour from my feat keeps him relatively fine. He kills my warders in his zone with his third Manticore and kills the jamming fennblades with sentinels. He doesn’t manage to contest my zone though and so I move to 3 CP.

All I have to do to win is clear his zone, but it has a manticore and 5-6 sentinels in it, some of which are behind the forest so it’s not hugely likely. I send 3 Fennblades and 3 Champions in on the Manticore and kill it. The rest of the fennblades start work on the Sentinels in that zone and get about half dead. The bomber kills the Manticore that charged him last turn and I try and block the front of my zone with warders and Champions so he can’t contest in his turn. I go to four Control Points.

He finally kills the bouncer with the Scyir and so can charge some champs and more importantly get 4-5 Sentinels into my zone to contest. Due to my line of troops he can’t get a Manticore in. He kills a few more of my fennblades in his zone and passes back to me.
I reckon Grissel has a decent chance of clearing her zone, but I decide I’ll start with his zone. With vengeance, normal attacks and cleaves I finish off the last four sentinels and clear the zone for a scenario victory.

Round 2 Vs Dan Price
Doomy3 vs Saeryn (Extraction)

Saeryn in the Oracles theme. Dan is a bit of a crazy scientist and rarely follows the Meta. His lists are full of things you’ve never seen before and the annoying part is that it works:

– Zuriel
– Carnivean
– Seraph
– Bloodseer
– Bolt Thrower
– Nightlurker
Min Hexhunters + Bayal

Look at it, just look at it!. If you gave me Warroom and 10 minutes to look stuff up I’d start to understand the list. When people hand you a piece of paper with that on, then I’m basically clueless. I’ve seen some of it in Mk3, most of it in MK2, but I haven’t played vs the caster and there is clearly some hidden synergy that isn’t immediately obvious. I decide, my best option is to throw down a beast brick and hope I can figure it out as I go along.

He wins the dice roll and decides to go second. He also gives me the side I wanted with central water and rubble meaning the Earthborn can act as a pivot that controls the middle of the board.
I go first and run, he does likewise, puts banishing ward on the Hex Hunters a few to jam key models: Mountain king and Mulg. He places four of them in the rubble in front of my Earthborn and the beasts advance up behind them.

I walk the Earthborn into the rubble so that it is still getting the DEF bonus from the water behind and boost an initial to kill the first Hex hunter. In hindsight this is a mistake and I should have thrown him at Bayal who would have only been Def 14 against it due to throws counting as melee attacks. MK3 has made my power attack skills rusty. I then shoot the earthborn in the back with the storm troll, which does no damage as he’s immune and then leaps to and kills two Hex Hunters in the rubble. The Mountain King boosts an attack on the jamming Hex Hunter and then sprays Bayal, but misses the boosted 9. The two shamans then spray models in the rest of his army so they catch the Banishing warded Bayal, but both miss unboosted 8’s. I should have activated Doomy first and mini-feated to give them Signs and Portents. Bayal needed to die, you’re about to find out why. Mulg gets unjammed and moves up the board with Admonition and Bayal lives. I didn’t feat this turn. I kind of got it in my mind I needed to counter feat, because of the Fyanna2 matchup. In reality if I do feat, he doesn’t kill anything, unless he has some Grevious Wounds I’m unaware of… (We call this foreshadowing)

My opponent’s turn and Bayal goes straight for the MK, shadowbinding him, with a melee attack. This is fine, you’re thinking, why not just shake it? Saeryn has a spell called Blightbringer, which she casts on the MK. He will be shadowbound and unable to spend Fury next turn, which means he can’t shake it. Joy! He feats and then the Seraph shoots the Earthborn to drop it’s defence back down to 12. He then sends in both Zuriel and the Carnivean and they make light work of the Earthborn. The Blood Seer is being annoying by using Arcane Supression

I decide to leave 1 focus on the Mountain king hoping he’ll frenzy and kill Bayal. He doesn’t frenzy and he doesn’t roll the hard 8 with either un-boosted initial attack. I should have bulldozed him forwards again just to get more board presence, but it’s a learning experience. Doomy activates and feats and puts Rage on Mulg and the Axer and uses the Mini feat allowing Animus for free (Or for 1 inside Arcane Supression) Axer goes in first and gets some damage on the Blood Seer and Carnivean. Mulg follows in and kills the Carnivean, but the feat keeps the Blood Seer alive, though he’s very wounded and crit slammed away. The Storm troll kills a member of the Blackfrost shard, but the bounce jumps to the flag. It’s a frustrating turn, this Saeryn list is really annoying.

Saeryn moves up and throws a dagger at Mulg. The dagger applies Grevious Wounds. Remember that earlier foreshadowing? Two Forsaken walk up and explode hurting Mulg a little. Zuriel then goes in an not only fails to kill Mulg, but doesn’t remove any aspects. This is critical and Mulg and the Mountain king finally get the turn they want and kill both remaining heavies. A Scenario victory follows shortly afterwards. Still the list is certainly interesting.

Round 3 Vs PJ
Doomy3 vs Zaadesh2 (Outlast)

Two beast bricks on a spread out scenario. He makes me go first. I think his list was:

– Marketh
– Despoiler
– Gladiator
– Gladiator
– Sentry
– Sentry
– Agonizer
Min Beast Handlers
Min Beast Handlers
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

Five heavies plus support, Trolls do that! The big concern here is counter-charge, mainly, because I constantly forget it. A few weeks ago I accidently got counter-charged four separate times in the same turn against Venethrax. It was basically fresh in my head to be less of a numpty and take a bit more time thinking about movement.

He wins the dice roll and makes me go first. I advance the MK is over in the left zone. Mulg is in the right zone and the Earthborn is taking advantage of terrain in the middle of the table. He does this most games. I can’t express enough how good he is as a lead piece.

He advances up the despoiler facing off against my Mountain King. He leaves him within twelve inches, but outside ten. On the other zone he advances a Gladiator and two Sentrys. They cover each other pretty well with counter charge. Zaadesh comes up the middle with the other gladiator and he places clouds so the Mountain king can’t see the Despoiler. This means I have to let Despoiler charge my Mountain king, give up the zone or…

I contemplate something I’d never tried before. I need to feat so if this doesn’t work it’s not the end of the world, I shouldn’t lose anything major. Doomy activates and feats and uses mini feat so beasts can use their animus for free. He sticks rush on the Mountain king who tramples ten inches into melee with the Despoiler. He then uses Rage for free and buys four attacks. Due to feat they have boosted hit rolls and they are at dice +5 on damage. Yeah he kills it and as added value he gets a kill shot spray which kills a beast handler and I’m now scoring that zone. On the other zone I send in an earthborn and Mulg. They get counter charges but because of my feat they don’t mean anything important. Together they kill a Gladiator but do minimal damage to the Sentry who is pretty hardcore with the Agonizer dropping strength by two.

My opponent realises that the Mountain king won’t die under feat to one Gladiator and just contests the zone with beast handlers. On the other side he sends beasts in to try and kill the Earthborn, but the feat regen is too much and he gets very little done. In retaliation I kill the Agonizer through the Mountain king spray and the Storm Troll and then it’s pretty simple to clear up the zones and his heavies and get a win on scenario.

Final Thoughts

Super happy to win a local event, was only an 8 man event, the local meta is getting stronger all time so it’s never easy to win anything local. The list pairing is still doing awesome and I’m really happy taking it to the ETC at the end of the month. Defensive feats are nice, buy when you get to live the dream and feat offensively and then get the defensive part, both of these casters are insane.

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