European Team Championship 2017 – Circle Orboros

So James drew my attention to macdaddy’s request on the Lormahordes forums for some ETC 2017 Circle Orboros battle reports and here i am!

I’m currently halfway through writing the part 2 to the Una2 painting guide so naturally i’m going to interrupt that to quickly type up some reports for those interested in all things Circle Orboros.

As James mentioned in his article here i played Wurmwood paired with Una2. My lists were:

Theme: The Wild Hunt
– Stalker
– Stalker
– Woldwyrd
– Woldwyrd
– Gorax
Reeves of Orboros (max)
– UA
Wolves of Orboros (min)
– UA
Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones
War Wolf
War Wolf
Gallows Grove
Objective: Fuel Cache

Theme: The Devourer’s Host
– Scarsfell Griffon
– Scarsfell Griffon
– Scarsfell Griffon
– Scarsfell Griffon
– Gorax
Lord of the Feast
Gallows Grove
Tharn Ravager Shaman
Tharn Ravagers (max)
– Chieftain
Tharn Wolf Riders (max)
Tharn Bloodtrackers (max)
– Nuala
Objective: Effigy of Valor

I really like the Wurmwood list and i’m pretty set on it at the moment, i can’t think of anything i would change with it. The theme gives me access to the ambushing Wolves who are amazing and also Tracker on my Stalkers allows for some easier order of activation operations on the feat turn allowing me to get out a Curse of Shadows or Hellmouth before activating the Stalkers and not also ruining their activation.

The Una list is one i’m tinkering with at the moment trying to find my favourite loadout. The premise is that Hand of Fate is good and better when you roll more dice hence the weapon masters. Lord of the Feast is a real monster with 3 corpses and Hand of Fate giving you access to weird angles on top of the speed and mobility of the list already.

Round 1 – Glaswegian Bobsled Team
Wurmwood vs Issyria (Thomas Coleman)

To echo what James said, i felt we did reasonably well in the match up process here and gave ourselves at least a shot of getting through this round. Our team was built with regular pairings so that we could each hold our own into a decent number of matchups being fairly inexperienced with the WTC style match up process. I took the Retribution match which i’m fine with. We have a lot of Retribution players locally with Graham Keen (fellow team mate) and Adam Bailey (member of the other Warlords team) from Warlords and Chris Clare from Stafford Powerfists which has lead to me being reasonably familiar with their playstyle and current list builds.

I looked at my opponents lists and with one of them being Issyria i felt i couldn’t drop Una (despite how much i wanted to get my Ravagers stuck into some delicious elves) due to the feat turn ignoring the stealth on my Griffons so i dropped Wurmwood. The scenario was Entrenched and off the top of my head my opponents list was Hyperion, Chimera, Max strike force with Eiryss3, Max Nyss Hunters, Stormfall Archers. I think.

I go first and from the off i put Wurmwood in my own zone with Cassius on a hill in a cloud from my objective. I was concerned he may be tempted to feat to try to kill Cassius, but if he did i would at least be Def16 which is tough to hit with non-boostable attacks even with signs and portents. I imagine Hyperion will be kept fairly safe all game with Issryia hanging out behind him, so i want to leverage my ability to kill his infantry with Hellmouth and Reeves to force him into committing to my zone with the Hyperion in order to contest. I’ve positioned my Reeves to the left of Wurmwood so they are able to contest his zone if he goes there and i have an ambushing unit of Wolves in the back pocket to do the same if need be.

He puts Admonition on Issyria (immediately i will be moving my Woldwyrds up towards her next turn under feat so that i have some assassination angles) and declines to put Inviolable Resolve on the Hyperion due to the threat of the Woldwyrds. Stuff moves up and stays out of my melee threat of the stalkers.

This is where i can go for an early lead and start to pressure my opponent – i run Cassius and get a tasty Hellmouth into the strike force and get about 4 grunts plus Eiryss3. I sit Wurmwood in my zone and feat and make sure everything is within the forest. Some Reeves are within 3 of the edge to tempt him to shoot them to give me souls. He now has to contest with something to stop me scoring in my zone and if he gets Issyria into his zone i’ll shoot her with Woldwyrds. He doesn’t and just contests and kills 1 or 2 Reeves.

I ambush the Wolves, charge his Stormfalls and Objective and kill half the archers and the objective netting me 1 VP. I repo deeper into the archers to now tie them up and clear the zone with a Reeve CRA into the final Archer leaving me a War Wolf to claim me another VP at the end of the turn. I clear my friendly zone with some more Reeve shots and get another nice Hellmouth killing half the Nyss including Cylena. I give my opponent a choice here and leave 1 Stalker in charge range of the Hyperion (behind a number of Reeves). He can either feat, clear the Reeves with the Nyss and charge into my zone with the Hyperion to kill the Stalker and contest or feat to try to assassinate Wurmwood. He trys the latter and thanks to 3 souls and a good number of transfers i live and get to 5 CPs and our team goes 3-2 and advances into round 2.

Round 2 – Stafford Powerfists 2
Wurmwood vs Kraye (Jonathan Hutchins)

So this round we are against a team of players from a club very close to ours and against their second team. They managed to beat the reigning champions Team Scotland in round 1 so they are still a solid team of players. THey had Legion, Legion, Cygnar, Cygnar and Cryx from memory, all of which i felt i could play into. I get dropped into Jonathan Hutchins with Cygnar and one of his lists is Kraye – i know he’ll drop this as Kraye seems pretty solid into Circle and so i drop Wurmwood with it being Recon and i have the flexibility to change from the zone to the flag when i need to plus i can use my feat to get board position and take away Kraye’s threat range.

My opponent was running him in Heavy Metal and had a Squire, Centurion, Ironclad, Hammersmith, 3 Chargers, Hunter, Journeyman, Sword Knights + UA, Arlan. I’m concerned about his ability to shoot and back up so i want to at least make it difficult for him. I go first and run both stalkers 12 inches forwards to the right of my objective. I activate WW and Cassius and get both into the zone with my Fuel Cache cloud giving stealth to WW and blocking LOS to Cassius. The Reeves move up behind a wall and the war wolves behind a building nearby. The plan is to jump forwards next turn with everything and steal board space from Kraye and give him nowhere to go.

He moves up pretty cautiously opposite my Stalkers but his right flank (opposite my Reeves) advances pretty far with multiple Chargers, a Hunter and the Sword Knights. I then manage to ambush my Wolves, mini-feat and kill the Hunter. My Reeves activate and wipe out the Sword Knights except for the UA then mini-feat and my Stalkers back up a little so i can’t get charged by the Centurion. I hold my feat.

Things now get pretty grindy and he gets into me with the Centurion and Ironclad (neither of which have Arcane Shield) and i don’t land the Curse of Shadows on the Centurion followed by failing to damage the Ironclad with a Stranglehold. Before that my Reeves CRA into a Charger and my War Wolves Sic Em into it and kill it i think (they usually just go light jack hunting). I feat and then fail to kill the Centurion and leave the Ironclad on 1 box with a Primal’d Stalker and a regular Stalker. He kills a Stalker in return and we go back and forth with him eventually swinging Kraye over to the flag on my right and Dominates up to 3 points over several turns while i send over Shifting Stones to contest.

I manage to finally clear out the Sword Knight UA contesting the left flag and send Wurmwood over there. At this point i am able to continue sending models to contest his flag whereas he doesn’t have anything on the left hand side of the board and so i score on my turn and his. He realises this and goes to clear the zone but fails leaving a Woldwyrd in there. Clocks were running low and tension high at this point as we were 2-1 up in the matches, if i win this game then our team gets through to the next round. I make a decision to try to make it very difficult for my opponent to clear the zone, i put everything in it. All the remaining Reeves – about 8 including UA – run to the edge of the zone so he has to kill them first before he can run a model to contest. The remaining Wolves engage a Charger in the zone and i Stranglehold Kraye so he can’t move, kill Reeves and reposition. I also contest the right flag with a Gorax and shifting stone so he cant just run back to that. He fails to clear the zone and i go to 5 with about 1 minute left on my clock. Phew. Our team goes 3-2 this round as well.


Round 3 – The Good, The Bad and the Cross
Wurmwood vs Lylyth3 (David Margetson)

As James mentions i think we lose the matchups here and were outplayed before the round starts. I got Lylyth3 but on a board with minimal terrain in the middle, it was just a killing field. I’m not feeling too confident, but i do go first so i advance cautiously but aggressive enough that i can run forwards next turn and feat to get up the board. My opponent is running out of theme with Typhon, Raptors, Carnivean, Bolt Thrower and some other stuff.

I deploy my Reeves on the right hand side opposite a big forest assuming my opponent would deploy the Raptors there for the concealment, my battlegroup central with the stalkers flanked by Woldwyrds.

I position badly first turn and give my opponent a shot on Cassius with Lylyth. He takes it and kills Cassius on his turn 1. That felt game changing to me and i’m now in serious trouble. Unfortunately for my opponent he Blood Boons Escort. My eyes light up as i now have a way out. I start my turn and measure to Lylyth – 1 Woldwyrd can walk into range the other needs a Hellmouth to get there. Lylyth is also out of range of Curse of Shadows and out of charge range if i Ambush with the Wolves. She’s camping either 1 or 2, i can’t remember but i have a big CRA into her from the Reeves she’s now opposite plus 2 charging War Wolves thanks to Sic Em and then 2 Woldwyrds.

I decide to go for it, if i fail i can still feat and i’ll still be up the board. I hit the first CRA with about 8 Reeves and trigger Sic Em, just in case i miss the second shot, but i dont and i do good damage to her leaving her at about half health with a transfer left? The first Woldwyrd walks into range and after all 3 shots gets her to about 2 HP. I have to use a Shifting Stone as a Hellmouth target to get the second Woldwyrd in range (killing the stone with a Stalker so i can just walk directly towards her) and the second one gets the job done.

Had my opponent not Blood Booned an upkeep he would have been in a very strong position but i lucked out and managed to finish early giving my team 1 win with only 2 more required. I had plenty of time to keep an eye on our other games and to be honest it wasn’t looking great but Graham gets a win vs Menoth and then James squeaks out a clock win vs Khador which sends us through to the second day in the 3 undefeated teams left in the tournament and we will be playing vs Team England in the morning.

Standings after Day 1:


Round 4 – England Lions
Una2 vs Butcher 3 (Richard Beech)

So here we are, playing one of the England WTC teams. We lose the roll off this time but they choose to pick tables (probably confident in the match up process). In the end we do ok and manage to get ourselves into some tough but potentially winnable matches if we play our socks off. Richard Beech gets left after one of the pairings so we put down myself and Nick, knowing that Richard will likely choose me as he doesn’t want to play into Ghost Fleet. This gives us Nick into Golly with some lightning Cygnar list, James into Pat Dunford, Graham into Ryan Evans and Tapper into Paul Watson.

Naturally they choose for my game to be on the only table without a forest in the middle of the board – i wonder why? The scenario is Take and Hold, but even without the forest i was pretty happy with the terrain. There was a building north (from my table edge) of where my flag would be if i ended up on this side of the board and an obstruction right next to the other creating a natural choke point which will limit the movement of the Khador heavies. Rich presents his lists to me and i spy Vlad1 rockets and Butcher3 in Jaws of the Wolf. In my head i think he will drop Butcher3 because he’s always been good into Circle with a long non linear threat range with a good MAT plus Jaws hinders my Wurmwood list but not letting me advance deploy. I consider playing Wurmwood because the terrain is good enough for me to potentially cause Rich some issues if i start using Rapid Growth to block LOS etc. I’m also not too concerned about losing AD, its mostly only for Wurmwood and he can Dark Path into place anyway on turn 1 and the shifting stones can just get set up, but i decide on Una2. mostly i choose Una because i haven’t used her yet in this tournament, but also because i notice he is jack marshalling a Behemoth in his B3 list and i might be able to get LOTF onto it and really start picking the list apart. Also my list is really fast so i’ll just run around the flanks and let my Griffons guard the middle of the board to put off his jacks.

He indeed drops B3 and i win the roll to go first which i graciously accept. I want to run everything T1 so going first is good and i don’t mind what side of the board i’m on – Rich elects to stay where he is. His list if i remember correctly is B3, Wardog, Ruin, Juggernaut, Kodiak, Devastator, Behemoth on a Forge Seer, Forge Seer, Mechanics, Marksman, 2 units of Eliminators.

So turn 1 i do what i said i’d do and run. My Bloodtrackers go on the left flank opposite his eliminators and Kodiak (their Prey target) with the Wolf Riders on the other flank opposite a Widowmaker Marksmen. The Wolf Riders run into cover and onto a hill to make it tricky for the marksmen, but i intend to kill it next turn and effectively control that flank. Una gives them Hand of Fate, i put Mirage on the Bloodtrackers to extend their threat next turn and camp some fury (no reason to wind wall as the Behemoth is out of range and will be magical). Ravagers run up and make sure to stay within the Hunters Grace bubble from the Shaman and the Griffons fly around in the centre. I will position the griffons opposite his flag next turn to put pressure on where B3 wants to stand. LOTF hangs around in some shifting stones presenting threat.

He runs up and puts 2 Eliminators in range of 3 Bloodtrackers on the premise i need 9’s to hit so i probably might get 1? The marksman kills a Wolf Rider and backs up into the forest on the flank so i don’t have LOS for a charge. The jacks all run forwards with Behemoth scattering some AOEs and killing a Bloodtracker. B3 makes sure he is more than 2 inches away from all the warjacks being aware of the threat of the LOTF.

So time for me to do some stuff i guess. I activate the Wolf Riders first so i can swap HoF to the Bloodtrackers. They kill the marksman and repo into the forest to give me concealment. HoF is swapped and the Bloodtrackers kill both Eliminators and swift hunter backwards – a good start. The Ravagers position a bit further back to stay out of Ruins threat range, i think i leave 1 in range though if he wants to initiate a bad trade and give me Vengeance too (Spoiler – he doesn’t). 2 Griffons position so that if B3 gets on the flag i can charge him with the other 2 staying more central to threaten any jacks that go through the choke point of terrain. I pass turn – note Una is not on my flag as i don’t want to get shot by Behemoth.

Rich gets his Eliminators stuck in and they kill 3-4 Bloodtrackers? The Kodiak moves up and vents steam in front of his flag to deny me LOS to Butcher who moves up to the flag. I think i may have got vengeance triggered on the Ravagers somehow this turn but i don’t remember why. A Devastator gets to within 4 inches of my flag to contest next turn if i went there and a Juggernaut hugs the obstruction to stop any charge lanes on Butcher from the other 2 Griffons. 1-0 Rich.

I upkeep HoF on the Bloodtrackers with the intent of going after the Kodiak this turn and removing a Warjack whilst also then putting pressure on Butcher. They move up and throw their Javelins at their Prey with HoF and do a decent amount of damage. I swap HoF to the Ravagers who aftera Vengeance move manage to get 4 into melee with the Kodiak and 2 into the choke point to make life a bit more difficult if he wants to move his Jacks through (could cause some order of activation issues due to their medium bases, tough, no KD and his large bases through a gap just big enough for 2.5 large bases?). The Ravagers kill the Kodiak to the box and the Shaman moves up to use Hunters Grace. i consider here actually going for a Chain Lightning to clear out some mechanics knowing he has Silence of Death on Ruin and can then swap it to Butcher so my Tough doesn’t mean anything, but i decide against it and instead at least make Rich work for the Ravager kills by spending the focus. The Wolf Riders and the LOTF position so they will be able to jump in next turn. Since my Griffons were unable to get to Butcher this turn i put Mirage on the one opposite his flag and move him out of retaliation range of Butcher and move the others so they can charge him if he doesn’t move away from his flag.

Rich activates and gets more work out of the Eliminators. He activates Ruin and kills a couple of Ravagers removing HoF then activates Butcher and gets a couple more and then moves to the middle of the board and creates a little fortress with his 3 warjacks in front, the Argus to the side and the war dog behind with some mechanics in between to deny any landing spaces. He passes turn.

At this point i’d like to point out that throughout the game i did mention that the Griffons can ignore intervening models for a charge but not terrain (unlike in Mk2). I think Rich forgot at this point and thought B3 was out of LoS of the Griffons – he wasn’t but i would have to clear lanes first. I did my Vengeance moves with the Ravagers first, killing one of the Argus. I then charge them into the other and leave it on a couple of hit points, but i do also kill the Wardog. I just need to now kill that one Argus and i have a landing spot for the Mirage’ing Griffon. I measure and i can also get 2 more Griffons in if i clear out the mechanics on the other side of Butcher. The Wolf Riders go in and do that for me – now just that final Argus.

I activate Una, put out HoF on the Miraged Griffon plus Primal, i also Primal another Griffon and move into my shifting stone triangle and feat. The shifting stones activate and port Una right up so that i will get sprint on the the Griffon i send in to kill the Argus. I activate the 1 griffon that can’t get to Butcher anyway and charge the Argus – i boost to hit and kill it on the charge attack sprinting into Butcher back arc to leave me landing spots for the others and to trigger Flank. The first one goes in on Butcher with HoF and Primal and almost kills him and the second finishes him off.

I win but our team goes down 1-4. I do hear that Nick would have won his game had he killed his own Blackbane first so that when one of the ghost pirates killed one of the Cygnar models within range of the Wraith Engine it would destroy, not RFP and so he could spawn a machine wraith. They initially played it that he did and he won, but it was discovered after the fact and Nick conceded the game.

As a team with finished 5th which is incredible and individually i finished 7th winning Best in Faction – Circle which i’m really happy with.

You can find the results here:

Oh and here’s a picture of me looking awkward af with the other best in faction winners

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and i’ll try to get the second half of my Una article up soon. I promise.

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