Red Thunder!

So our campaign day for Team Yankee consisted of 3 pre-set battles of varying points values; ranging from a very small and quick game to a larger and longer game consisting of a breadth of forces. One of the things we did like; was that the results of the previous game had an impact on the next . . . usually in the form of additional reinforcements.

Game 1: We started out with a small number of tanks each, Matt had a single Abrahms tank that was bailed out at the start of the game, and had to deploy in the centre. This represented a vehicle that had been damaged as part of a column, lagged behind to repair, and got caught by a counter attack from USSR forces. I had 3 T-72 tanks which could approach from any board edge, however I decided to remain fluffy and approach from what I estimated would be the north, as this is what the soviets did in the background.  Matt got first turn and rolled a double 1 for his first two shots after remounting his tank (there was much rejoicing!) and I sprang forward in attempt to flank him. Next turn the Abrahms hit home and I lost a T-72 but did no damage in return, but did manage to position in the flank ready for the next turn. Once again Matt missed with both of his shots, but I landed a shot on the engines and took the yanks out, and that was the game over . . . very quick but honestly very enjoyable as a warm up. For the next mission I would receive the two tanks that survived as reinforcements.

Game 2: This mission did seem stacked in the soviets favour, once again the Americans were set-up in the middle defending a cross roads, with some forces laying in ambush for me, I had all four corners to deploy from with a 12″ bubble from each.  The Americans had two platoons of 2 Abrahms and some infantry with IFVs in ambush. I had my 2 T-72 reinforcements from last game, two battalions of 4 T-72’s and a motor rifle company of infantry mounted in 9 bmp 2 IFV’s.  As you can see from the photos, I pretty much swamped the yanks straight away, and while I took some casualties, the weight of numbers quickly started to tell on the American forces. In the end this game was a win to me, with a group of 5 T-72 tanks going into the next and final battle, but it did feel very much in the Soviet players favour from the start.

Game 3: The boot is very firmly on the other foot! This game represented a US led NATO counter attack and holding action, as you can see from the board, I had to fight my way up a central road and two lots of treelines, and my success hinged entirely upon managing to breakthrough the yankee lines with my main columns. The reinforcements I got had to deploy up front, and so I regarded those as disposable. Soviet forces consisted of a battalion of 5 T-72’s and a battalion of 3 T-72’s further down the table. I had a company command T-72 in reserve, with a further two battalions of 8 T-72 tanks . . . that’s alotta shit right?! Observe 😉

The American forces were very . . . impressive, 9 Abrahms tanks including a command tank, and 2 A-10 strike aircraft . . . this was to sting. In short (I’ll let you look at the pretty pictures) I lost my vanguard immediately, as that many Abrahms put out a lot of firepower, and then I made a single principle mistake . . . I attempted to rush up the road to secure it, as driving through trees is very difficult and it’s easy for battalions to get bogged down, and inevitably split up thus diluting your ability to make a direct assault and breakthrough. What actually happened was that the lead tanks got taken out, blocked the road and forced me to dive through the forests anyway. This meant that Matt pretty much had a nice stream of piecemeal tanks to duck shoot, he also had some infantry reinforcements which I forgot to mention, I did destroy those and took out a couple of Abrahms but with that primary tactical blunder the game was largely a foregone conclusion . . . and I lost.

Even so, the campaign ended with a 2-1 win to the glorious Sovyetsky Soyuz, and aside from that it was a very enjoyable day of gaming and exploring this new game of ours! Thanks again Matt, and thanks to Chris Tapper for planning and organising the day overall!

Next time we’ll likely be testing some new toys out, with list ideas, and I’ll bring you our thoughts on those.

Until then Comrades!

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