Warlords of Walsall is a wargames club, specialising in tabletop wargames, FFG board games and hybrids such as Shadespire.

Our main games here are Warmachine/Hordes, Warhammer 40k and 9th Age Warhammer Fantas.  We also have players of Infinity, Malifaux, Team Yankee and a variety of games from other companies.

We frequently run leagues and campaigns for games, as well as holding tournaments and all-day gaming sessions, on selected weekends throughout the year.  We also have an active and healthy events calendar; as such we’d ask that any organisers of non-club events please contact a member of the Committee before posting on our main page.

The club is aimed at over-16’s; but we will happily accommodate mature younger gamers, children are also welcome but we ask that a parent monitors them at all times.

The first night attending our club is always free; from there on we charge £3 per club night to cover the cost of the venue.

The club is open on Fridays between 6pm and 10pm at:
Hatherton United Reformed Church
Hatherton Road

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