DCB Miniatures Resin Base Insert Review

After buying some of these for my Malifaux Crew, and for my future crew expansion into the new Ten Thunders faction, i thought i’d give them a bit of a review for those interested.


So, what are they?


DCB Miniatures

A new small company producing some quality resin items and here’s a link: http://www.dcbminiatures.co.uk/

I stumbled across this company whist looking for cheaper alternatives to the Wyrd line of base inserts (which look great, but are too expensive for me to kit out my crew) and didn’t look rubbish. I was looking for a victorian street/cobbled street look and it was fortunate that their first line of base inserts (not actual resin bases, which is why they are so cheap) is a victorian streets range which can be used by any system with 30mm/40mm/50mm round bases.

They also produce some resin bases and some very dramatic smoke cloud markers (great for Fire Pillars maybe, or marking wrecked vehicles?) and some great jetpack smoke cloud bases.


So, what do they look like?

They look great! All the detail is crisp and clear with no miscasts at all. There are a few small air bubbles dotted about across the base but nothing which can’t be fixed quickly by some green stuff or milliput and from what i’ve experience of resin bases so far this seems pretty common, even on the more expensive end of the spectrum.

They also fit into the bases well too. Some of the 30mm bases are a tight fit but for how much i paid for them (i’ll get to that in a moment) i don’t mind so much. Only i will know anyway, you can’t tell from looking at the insert on top of the base, so it’s not a huge issue.


Go on then, how much do they cost?

Not a lot. 5 30mm base inserts will set you back a mere £1.95, with a multipack (5x30mm, 3x40mm, 2x50mm which is more generous than other sets i’ve seen too) is £4.95. To me, that’s a bargain for how good these base inserts are. Postage is around £3 from what i remember, but i ended up with 2 multipacks and 2 sets of 30mm bases to cover everything i will need when Misaki comes out in December.

The image displayed is all i would need for my 35ss Jakob Lynch Crew. That’s less than 1 multipack. That is £5 for some great base inserts to really show off the crew to how i want. Compared to other sets (i’m using Wyrd here because that for me is the ‘i want inserts to look like those’ benchmark) they are the same cost as maybe 5 30mm base inserts?

And all the sculpts in the multipack are unique, so no duplicates until you need more than that. I only ordered so many because of the extra minions i’ll have with the Misaki Box, Ten Thunders Archers and Oiran.


Overall Thoughts

If i were to assign a numerical value to these bases it would be 5/5 (with 3 being average, 4 above average and 5 being fantastic).


The only flaw with these are the air bubbles. The quality is great, the price is great, the dispatch time and communications are top notch so really anything less than a 5 would be unreasonable. If you are looking for some street bases then i’d recommend these. They are cheap enough to kit out a collection of miniatures without breaking the bank and look good enough to not look how much they cost.

They are working on more variants for these base inserts. So if these don’t take your fancy it’s worth keeping an eye on this company for what they do next, it might just be something you were looking for.



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