Winter Warlords Malifaux Tournament

A post-tournament report is never late, it arrives precisely when it means to!


Apologies for the late report, i’ll keep it brief because it was almost a month ago now as i write this. On the 17th of November Warlords of Walsall held a Malifaux tournament run by me (Jacob) and also a Babylon 5 tournament run by Rich (Separate report to follow). In all we had a great turnout of 16 players from across the country and i thank them all for attending.

It was a 3 game tournament at 40ss with 2 hour time limits for each game. This gave the day a more relaxed feel (i hope!) and gave players a chance to have a proper game of Malifaux that lasted the 6 turns and to also have a chat with their opponent rather than just racing through the games to get your VPs. I also let the Strategies be flipped from the Core Encounter chart each game. This was to hopefully address the skew in faction ability in the Shared strategies. I hope this all worked well for people, i didn’t hear any complaints during the day so it must have been fine.


Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


Prizes and Certificates


Final Thoughts

I told you it would be brief. I wasn’t involved in any of the games this time, so i spent my time roaming around and having a look at some of the games that were going on. This also explains my lack of a run-down this time but the scoreboard should speak fr itself. The winner for this event was Craig Johnson, who won the GT a few weeks beforehand with Ten Thunders.

1. Craig Johnson (Ten Thunders)
2. Paul Hansell (Neverborn)
3. Jack Evans (Neverborn)
4. James Doxey (Arcanists)
5. Ant Hoult (Resurrectionists)
6. Luke Cocksedge (Outcasts)
7. Alan Joynes (Arcanists)
8. Dom Westerland (Outcasts)
9. Graham Keen (Outcasts)
10. Adam Reeve (Guild)
11. David Powell (Neverborn)
12. Gareth Parfitt (Arcanists)
13. Keith Watson (Outcasts)
14. Martyn Furnival (Outcasts)
15. Tom Williams (Arcanists)
16. Garreth Moreton (Resurrectionists)


Graham Keen finished the highest from the local lot, with Garreth Moreton proudly picking up the Wooden Spoon (if there was one to be had).


My final word was that the first place prize was a custom Avatar Hoffman sculpted by Keith Watson from the Warlords. I cannot thank him enough for the effort of making it (and yes, that is a 50mm base!) it looked great, and i hope Craig was happy with it, and also another win under his belt.




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