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Strike while the iron is hot/tepid . . . with that in mind here’s post number 2.

When Jacob ran his Malifaux event in November, I organised a mini-doubles tournament for a regular group of gamers, who play B5: ACTA.  We’ve traditionally held a B5 tournament at Warlords every year, and the guys from Kettering Club, travel up to give us northerners a drubbing.  Sadly, as the numbers of people who play this game dwindle, we are able to muster less and less . . . so merging it with another tournament like the Malifaux one was ideal.


The numbers for this little sojourn were only seven, so I had to be a team on my own (apparently my ego can handle it), so we had three rounds of games which worked out more like a round robin than a tournament really.  Given the format we use in ACTA, it would take me a lot of time to list what each player used, and the games we played.  What I will do, is given a mention to the guys that turned up, and a special thank you to Adrian Hurt who traveled from Scotland to be with us.  From Kettering came Ken Chambers, Alex (whose surname eludes me), Charles Lister, Paul Eyles, and Greg Smith.  A sterling bunch of gents.

Below is a selection of images from the day, though I suppose unless any of you follow B5, this will probably be like double dutch 🙂

Oh and Ken and Alex won . . . he always wins.







































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  1. Reply LordBlunt May 18,2013 10:01 pm

    Very nice to see well painted B5 ships. Well done on getting a tournament (regardless of size) going! 🙂

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