What time is it? It’s Shuuro time!

Soooo, having pestered Jacob for a few days to get his post up about the Malifaux tournament, I feel I have now sufficiently dragged my feet, to put up my own posts 😀

Back in November we had a visit from Alessio Cavatore, who very kindly agreed to come down from Nottingham, and chat to us about what he is currently working on, and more importantly give us a demo of Shuuro/Turanga.  The long and short of it is, its a very interesting and fun pick-up game, for anywhere between 2 and 4 players at the moment.  It works on the rules of chess, so if you can play that, you can play this.  The notable exception is that Shuuro uses a points system, as you would for any other wargame, with each of the pieces having a points value and limit, and each game size having its own points cap.  We had a few single games as you can see below, and then a few of us joined Alessio in a multi-player game (the Turanga expansion).

We liked it so much, that a few of us bought copies of the game, and I can confirm that one lesson I learned, was not to play what amounts to a cavalry army and also how not to lose in two turns in the future :p




Although you can’t see Alessio in either of the images we took; I can assure you was there . . . honest 🙂



Rich, el Presidente, signing off.

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