Jeux de Guerre: Summer 2013

So, it’s been a while since our last post, though we haven’t been inactive . . . the 1st of June saw our third all-day gaming (jeux de guerre) event, kicking off our summer in a relaxed fashion.  We hope it will be the first of many successful events for Warlords this summer, including a leg and the final of the Midlands Steamroller, our own Steamroller tournament called Headlock 2013 and many more.

For our first summer jeux de guerre we had a number of systems being played, in ways we don’t usually play them at Warlords, this being the whole point of our all-day gaming events.  So here’s what happened:

  • Warhammer 40,000 – saw a large 12,000 points per side apocalypse game, with plenty of carnage and mayhem, and rather unsurprisingly by lunch time lots of stuff was dead!
  • Warhammer Fantasy battle – saw a series of games being played at 2,400 points, in preparation for the Midlands Open 2013 tournament, held in Brierly Hill, all of the guys playing this had good fun honing their lists.
  • Malifaux 2nd edition beta – with Wyrd having released the new 2ed rules for malifaux the night before, it seemed silly not to have a few games of this beta, and to try out the rules fit onto peoples existing forces . . . watch this space.
  • Infinity ITS missions – in preparation for our entry into the ITS (Infinity Tournament System) 4th season, we decided to have a few games to try out how our lists worked in tournament play, with a pretty good degree of success . . .

That’s all for now; enjoy a few images of Infinity miniatures from the day.  Rich



























































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