Stay on target! Stay on target!




Greetings viewers!

Last saturday saw us relaunch our ‘all day gaming’ events, with more structured gaming played across an entire saturday day time, and we’re going to be having them at least one every season.  This time around we had a series of x-wing games, with the trench run built by own very own Jez Allum, alongside an ‘escape from the death star run’ and a final big participation game set in an asteroid field . . . and the Imperials won! 🙂

Also happening was a small introductory Malifaux campaign, designed by Jake Graham, called ‘Big trouble in Little Kingdom’ and proved to be a great success.  We also had a narrative Warhammer Fantasy battle campaign, put together by Ed Hanby and Rob Smith, and all of the guys who took part enjoyed their games.

Finally we had a series of larger scaled games for 40k, numbering no less than 6,000 points per side!!  Titans, tanks and troops galore, the carnage had to be seen to be believed!  If you’re interested in what went on, perhaps maybe even joining in with the next one, then keep your eyes peeled . . . or alternatively get onto our facebook group.  Do itttt, do ittt nao!

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