WMH Steamroller: Headlock 2014!

Greetings ladies & gents,

This belated post is a report for the recent 50-point Steamroller tournament we ran, the second time running for Headlock, and this time we joined forces with another local club . . . the Sutton Immortals.  The day itself was an unmitigated success, the fact we had 23 people attend (which means that our events are gradually building up in numbers), but of those a good portion were new players to the game.  Aside from having to allocate ‘byes’ to a couple of players, and with one or two people being matched against people they play regularly, the feedback we’ve had has been highly positive.   Here’s a few images from the day:

IMG_2204 IMG_2206 IMG_2214 IMG_2218 IMG_2228






















The sharp eyed among you will have noticed our custom ‘Walords’ objective and flag markers, which were sourced from Counterattack, and I think they set our boards off quite nicely.  So all that’s left to tell you is that I drank a hell of a lot of coffee on the day, and that the nice shiny trophies below were won by Dean Hubbocks – 3rd, Jimmy Stark – 2nd and Ryan Evans – 1st 🙂










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