Hunters Grim

Welcome back! It’s time for another blog post about Warmachine and Hordes. I’m going to try to make these posts every Sunday if possible, that should give me enough time to write down my ideas and edit them into (hopefully!) an interesting format. Over the next few posts i’m going to talk about Trollbloods which is currently my main faction for Warmachine & Hordes. Since the start of the year i’ve jumped back into Trolls and one of the reasons why is I now have a list I like for these guys.




The model is amazing, and for that reason I had a closer look when he was released. What I found was surprisingly good, but I couldn’t quite get a list together I liked at the time. Move on about a year and the Trollkin Highwaymen have been released, and I now have that unit that i felt was missing before. Over the past 2 months (or at least since the release of SteamGenius on the iOS) i’ve managed to get 17 games in with Grim, and i’ve played several iterations of the list. The core of the list has remained the same all the way through and i’ve now arrived at the following list:


Hunters Grim (4)

*Trollkin Runebearer (2)

*Slag Troll (6)

*Slag Troll (6)

*Troll Impaler (5)

Max Trollkin Highwaymen (8)

Min Scattergunners (5)

*Scattergunner Officer and Standard (2)

Max Pyg Burrowers (6)

Max Krielstone (4)

*Stone Scribe Elder (1)

Fell Caller Hero (3)

Stone Scribe Chronicler (2)

Gatorman Witch Doctor (3)

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (1)

Objective: Effigy of Valour



Dire Troll Bomber (10)

Braylen Wanderheart (3)

Gatorman Bokor and Swamp Shamblers (6)


As you might have guessed, with the inclusion of the Krielstone in an otherwise low armour list and the Witch Doctor, it’s primarily designed around Cryx, but it can play against a wide variety of opponents. I am comfortable playing this against almost any Caster and Faction, but what i have found is that it can struggle against the high armour lists that are out there. That’s something i can address in specialists or in the second list.

The list works around the Highwaymen being upfront and creating a battle-line with the Scattergunners being somewhere around them ready to spray models clear from the front lines. The Slag Trolls line up enemy Warjacks/Colossals and Grim gets ready to Mortality a unit or a heavy target and then feat. One of it’s strengths is that it loves to see the common jamming units like Boomhowlers or even Nihilators that my opponent is counting on for one, two or even three turns of causing trouble while he sets himself up. With Mortaility removing tough on the unit or model it is cast on (by making them being unable to be healed) they are removed fairly easily.

Once you start with the alpha strike, you have the ability to keep ahead of the attrition fight by the virtue that most of the models have multiple attacks and different ways to attack. It’s difficult to stop the Highwaymen from doing work because they have Gunfighter and 2 shots, the Scattergunners can also use their sprays to clear models away from them if you need some CRA’s or just single gunshots when you free up the Highwaymen. Scattergunners themselves aren’t bad in melee with a Fell Caller hanging around and CMA from the Officer. Then the Fell Caller himself is still a very respectable solo with Weapon Master on two attacks and a spray. The list goes on and stretches even to Grim himself who can potentially get to MAT12, P&S18 in melee with Take Down (Mortality, Charge of the Trolls, Warcry and Acidic Touch) which has been good enough so far to take down the Butcher and Mulg.


2015-02-02 12.41.53

Hunters Grim vs Butcher3


ADR and Grim

The inclusion of Hunters Grim on the ADR roster is fantastic, and it’s something that so far I have only thought about. I haven’t yet played in an event with ADR, but that will change as I have some events coming up in the near future and i’m going to try to use ADR in any club games I have if possible. My current thought on Grim’s ADR is that he wants more of a ‘solution’ specialist list rather than a ‘transformative’ specialist list. With Mortality, Grim solves a lot of problems (turns out -2Def and -2Arm is good for killing stuff) so bringing the right models along to do the job will be key. Another consideration is that I have certain models and units in that list which are in there almost exclusively for playing against Cryx, therefore I need to work my specialist choices around the removal of those pieces.


Dire Troll Bomber

  1. The Bomber brings stronger shots when Erosion on the Slag Troll gun isn’t used. The AOE’s also bring a different gun shot to the list that doesn’t rely on directly hitting so can (with good scatters) get high def infantry that it might otherwise require large CRA’s from Highwaymen.
  2. I can either remove both of the Slag Trolls and the Swamp Gobbers (a useful 1pt option, but not entirely necessary) and have a Bomber/Impaler battlegroup and also include Braylen.
  3. Another option is removing 1 Slag Troll, Swamp Gobbers and the Witch Doc to fit in the Bomber.

Braylen Wanderheart

  1. An easy swap for the Witch Doctor if I don’t need undead and can rely on the Objective for fearless but want a really useful 3pt solo, who in the right situation can do some amazing things. Opportunist, Run & Gun and Luck on her Pistols are all great abilities and granting Highwaymen Opportunist can be a fantastic ability.

Swamp Shamblers

  1. A direct swap for the Krielstone. These may or may not stay in the specialists, but in my head if I don’t need the benefits of the Krielstone then I can take this unit to help out my late game. With the help of Mortality the Bokor becomes very dangerous after he’s picked up all those delicious corpses of Highwaymen/Burrowers/Scattergunners.


For Grim’s specialists i’m primarily looking at replacements for the Witch Doctor, Krielstone or the Slag Trolls (with the Swamp Gobbers being a nice 1pt option I can remove if I need to) for when they won’t be as effective as they can be. As mentioned above I haven’t tried out ADR properly yet so there are other ideas running around in my head:

  1. A Thrullg to remove offensive upkeeps, primarily for eDenny’s Body and Soul theme list should I play against it, but can be good in other games as well.
  2. Fire-Eaters. These look really good, and it’s another option I don’t yet own. Once I get hold of a unit of them I will try them out, but for 4pts I could drop the Witch Doctor and the Gobbers and put them into the list.
  3. Sons of Bragg are an interesting 6 point choice (Krielstone + Gobbers) that are a self sufficient unit that can provide some melee punch the list lacks. Add in Mortality and Acidic Touch and they can hit really hard.
  4. Perhaps surprisingly, but, I tried out a min Bushwhacker unit earlier in the year and it was actually quite good. They could be included in the list instead of the Krielstone for some more CRA’s. They can threaten some of the support models at the back with their 24 inch threat on the Feat.


I’ll get some games in with ADR at the club, and potentially some local events before I go to the Welsh Masters in May (which i assume uses ADR being a Masters) and so I can try out some of the options in my specialists. Hopefully i’ll write a follow up post with my thoughts after some games where i use the specialist option.

The next hurdle is my second list. Assuming I am using ADR my choices are Gunnbjorn, Jarl or eDoomshaper. Some of you at the club might now that i’ve used eDoomshaper a fair bit since I started Trolls because Mulg with a 14+” threat range is a lot of fun. Naturally, then, the Warlock for my second list is Jarl… wait, what?

Dual pistols and an eyepatch?! There's no way this guy isn't good

Dual pistols and an eyepatch?! There’s no way this guy isn’t good


At least for now he is. I have a list ready to try out and i’ll chat what little I know about how the list works next Sunday. I might have even played a game with it, who knows?


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